Chester County Hypnosis Group Programs

My Group Programs for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking and Stress Relief enable groups, organizations, clubs and friends to take advantage of the benefits of hypnosis and the dynamic change it can accomplish. Often people are hesitant or unable to make use of private sessions and my group programs provide a great alternative for groups of co-workers, country club members, organization members or just friends to take advantage of hypnosis in a fun and cooperative setting with the added benefit of mutual support and encouragement.

At Chester County Hypnosis I can custom-fit a program to your group of 4 or more to any need, whether it be for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Stress Relief or Teaching Self Hypnosis. I have fit programs for groups of co-workers, country club members, community groups, corporations and companies and even just groups of friends to be exactly what they need and want. No two groups have the same needs, so we work with all to make sure they have the right schedule, locations and price to meet their needs.

Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of my most popular programs and can be fit to meet your needs at a discount from our individual sessions. My groups of 4 an up can be held at your location or ours and offer a fun, cooperative environment to achieve easy and lasting Weight Loss. My clients of group sessions repot great success and we concentrate on permanent changes that help all of my clients get to their ideal weight and stay there for the rest of their lives.

Unlike diets, pills, workout programs or purchased meals programs, I concentrate on permanent and lasting change. My clients often expereince similar weight loss in the first several weeks and months of my program as compared to other programs, but the difference with Hypnosis for Weight Loss lies in how lasting and permanent the changes they make are and how they can easily and naturally stay at their ideal weight, usually for the rest of their lives.

One of the best and most successful group programs I've done over the years are small groups of firends or co-workers who want to Lose Weight or Stop Smoking. I find the encouragement and comptitiveness of the effort adds to the overall experience. I have fun doing these small groups and they are usually between 4 and 16 and I get excellent results. They are excellent for groups of friends, co-workers, club members, etc.. Call for details and prices

Group Hypnosis for Stop Smoking

My Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Group Programs are great for groups of 4 or more friends, co-workers, clubs, groups or organizations to make a great beneficial, positive change in their lives. The group setting makes the sessions fun and enjoyable and often makes it more accesible and inviting for many who might not make the change on their own.

I have found that many more people, when they have access to a group, will make the change to becoming a non-smoker than may have normally chosen to do so otherwise. So, by organizing a group, you'll find you'll be doing a great service to others.

Plus, I've found you will have fun and make a great beneficial changes in your life easily and effortlessly. I work with groups all the time, enjoy it and help everybody in the group to get the results they want.

Group Hypnosis for Stress Relief

This is the same program used at AT&T and Motorola to help their employees perform better on a daily basis. It is highly effective and works with all to help manage and alleviate the daily stress and tension of daily life. Enjoy your life much more when you have less stress.

Stress causes countless problems in our lives, including unhappiness and poor health. Stress causes illness and sickness, in fact, more than is ever know. My Stress Relief Program gives your employees tools to protect their health and wellness and enables them to become more productive in their daily work. It benefits employers and employees alike, and offers value and benefits for years to come.

Stress is a continuing problem, life is full of it. However, those who learn to successfully manage it can prevent it from becoming DIS-tress and affecting their health, wellness and quality of life. With my techniques, you can be more relaxed, happier and enjoy your life much, much more everyday.

My Group Stress Relief Programs are a "Life Saver" and I've worked with groups as small as 4 and as large as 100. These are the same programs I've succesfully offered to major corporations.

Group Hypnosis to Learn Self-Hypnosis

Chester County Hypnosis provides instruction and training in the famous Coue method of Self Hypnosis. This is the secret skill learned by some of the most stellar performers in our world, from Tiger Woods to Einstein and Chopin, they all learned efficient thought and reason. We use these techniques and they make all the difference in our entire life. We have a more positive attitude, worry less, are more relaxed and feel better.

My clients report some amazing achievements from better health and wellness to overcoming personal fears and obstacles to getting new jobs and meeting their perfect matches. Now, I certainly can't be specific on what your achievements will be, all people differ and also their commitment and efforts will differ. I can tell you that if you believe in it, expect it and use your imagination on it as we can teach you, anything is possible. It's the way our mind works.

Less than 10 minutes a day will make an unbelievable difference. Let yourself be the best you can be.

I offer Self Hypnosis Classes through the year and also therough Take advantage of this great experience and change your life.

Call Chester County Hypnosis for More Details on Your Group

Call us for more details at 610-296-4929 an we can give you options and prices to fit your needs and organization. The most common results are increased productivity, increased success, more workplace harmony, less workplace distractions and disagreements, more pleasant working environment and less sick time taken.

Why Hypnosis Will work for your Group ?

Most people know the power of hypnosis, but few understand it. Some of my clients even have an initial apprehension or fear due to the way Hypnosis has been portrayed by Hollywood and the like. The True Facts of Hypnosis are that you can't be hypnotized against your will, you certainly can't be made to do anything you don't want to and you are never either unconscious nor able to remember everything that is said or happens in hypnosis. You won't divulge any secrets or do anything you wouldn't normally do and you can never become "stuck" in the hypnotic state of mind, it just can't happen. You are always completely safe, in control and aware of everything around you and able to accept or reject any suggestions you receive in hypnosis.

I'd be happy to speak to your group, give a presntation and let all of you experience, first-hand, some of the benefits of hypnosis and enjoy a truly profound experience. Please call 610-296-4929 to schedule with me. I never tire of explaining hypnosis and the benefits it can deliver. All of the groups I have spoken before have considered it an extremely interesting, informative and entertaining experience.

I've compiled an extensive Frequently asked Questions about Hypnosis Page to answer some of the most common questions that our clients ask.

All Hypnosis is really Self Hypnosis, being by your choice and with your permission. We are really just your guides and teachers, to help you access all of the abilities and capabilities that are inherent in you. This is what we do, we are good at it.

Chester County Hypnosis could be helping your group of frineds, country club members, or community group now, so check our Contact Us page or call 610-296-4929 today for a free phone consultation.

Hypnotism has proven to have the quickest, easiest and most long lasting results for personal change. I also offer programs for quick and permanent weight loss, to improve sports performance, relieve stress and tension, improving focus, concentration, memory and recall and concentration or control pain without prescription drugs. With Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis, your employees can have increased motivation, less procrastination or laziness, a positive, optimistic outlook and enjoy their lives, at work and at home, much more. Call 610-296-4929 today for a free, no obligation phone consultation. I'd be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Joseph Nunan CH, CI is an internationally known, fully Certified NGH Hypnotherapist, Certified NGH Hypnosis Instructor and member of the Teaching Faculty of The National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest, largest and most respected hypnosis accrediting organization in the world. He is President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NGH and hosts the weekly radio show, Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your soul. Chester County Hypnosis operates according to the National Guild of Hypnotists' Code of Ethics and Professionalism, and we consistently provide our clients the very best services, to help them accomplish and surpass all of their desired goals. Our primary purpose is to enable our clients to quickly and easily achieve positive personal change.