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Our Corporate Stress Relief Program Helps Turn Good organizations into Great Organizations

Employees under stress are not productive. They make questionable decisions, don't think clearly and can't do their best at their job everyday. Our Corporate Stress Relief Program teaches your employees the skills to prevent their stress from becoming your distress. This is the program used by AT&T and Motorola to help their employees perform better on a daily basis.

Corporate stress causes countless lost hours and missed opportunities for your business. Stress causes illness and sickness, in fact, more than is ever know. Our Stress Relief Program gives your employees tools to protect their health and wellness and enables them to become more productive in their daily work. It benefits employers and employees alike, and offers value and benefits for years to come.

Stress is a continuing problem, life is full of it and business is also. However, those who learn to successfully manage it can prevent it from becoming distress and effecting their health, wellness and job performance. With our techniques, your employees can be more relaxed, more efficient and do their jobs better, everyday.

Call us for more details at 610-296-4929 an we can give you options and prices to fit your needs and organization. The most common results are increased productivity, increased success, more workplace harmony, less workplace distractions and disagreements, more pleasant working environment and less sick time taken.

Wouldn't You Like it if over 60% of your smoking Employees would Quit for Good !!

Dateline on NBC recommends to see a Hypnotist to Quit Smoking

At Chester County Hypnosis, we help companies, organizations and corporations, from large to small, give their employees an easy, effective way to Stop Smoking. Rising health insurance premiums and time lost from work are no longer necessary burdens on the modern business and many are taking pro-active steps to insure they remain competitive and cut their operating costs. In fact, a Gallup Poll shows that 75% of smokers want to quit. Forcing or mandating employees to Quit Smoking only has limited success and tends to create more workplace problems in the form of resentment and fear than it is worth. However, when an employer offers their staff and associates an easy and effective Quit Smoking program in the workplace, everyone benefits.

Chester County Hypnosis can help you to help your employees using the easiest and most effective method ever found, the power of their own subconscious mind. It has been proven, and many of your employees have found on their own that drugs, nicotine gum and patches and the todd devices and supplements seen on TV really have little effect on a smoker until a fundamental change occurs at their subconscious level. That change is the mental change from being a Smoker to being a Non Smoker, and until that change occurs, no long-term progress is ever made.

We have plans and programs to provide your company with the quickest and most painless corporate solutions to help your employees to kick the habit for good, without the cravings, the anxiety or the weight gain normally associated with this change. We pride ourselves not only on the high success rates that we provide,, but also the ease at which they can make this change in their workplace happen, the goodwill generated with their employees and the amount of money we've saved our them on their employee health care costs.

Call us today and let us tell you just how and why it can be quick and easy for your employees to become Tobacco-Free and you to start receiving all the benefits. One of our main objectives at Chester County Hypnosis is for you and your employees to become aware of how easy it is can make the changes that you want and need.

Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Plan Pays for itself many times over !

If your employees are really determined to Quit Smoking and are fully committed to allowing those changes to happen, we can provide you with the best Hypnotherapy, right in your office setting, to make sure they are successful right away and continue easily being successful every day for the rest of their happy, healthy, productive, non-smoking lives.

Never let circumstances dictate your future. Whether you realize it or not, as an employer, you have all the power needed within you, at this very moment, to make any of the changes you want to make. A study by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found that each smoker, on average, costs his or her employer an additional $3,390 per year in health insurance costs and lost productivity.

Why watch your health insurance premiums rise year after year with no relief ? When your health insurer comes to you this year, wouldn't it be nice to ask for a substantial discount for your reduction of smokers ? Darn right it would. Truth is, most of your smokers want to quit, but it's not so simple. They are not weak or lacking in character, they need effective assistance.

Smash that cigarette and be free of nicotine forever

"Before, I had quit a lot but I could never stay quit, I'd always start again for some stupid reason and feel rotten about it. I'm now 1 year without a cigarette and feel great! I just wanted to thank you so very, very much." (Dan G. - client)

Chester County Hypnosis offers a highly effective Corporate Quit Smoking Plan that fits nicely with your Corporate Wellness initiatives. Hypnosis has long been been approved by most Medical and Health Care organizations as a safe and effective way to give up cigarettes, cigars, pipe smoking, smokeless tobacco, nicotine gum or nicotine patches. It's simple, easy and requires no suffering, no cravings and no struggling. In fact, it has been our experience that employees enjoy having the option of hypnosis in their plans and, as a result, achieve much higher success rates and have less tendency to smoke ever again.

We believe it's a tremendously cost effective win-win situation for employers and employees alike and encourage you to call us at 610-296-4929 to discuss a plan that is right for you. From large corporations to small companies, everyone can benefit from one of our plans.

Some Facts That You Should Know as an Employer

Why watch your employees try and fail at the same old hard way, when we have an easy, affordable way that will not only make you and your employees feel better right away, but will save you and them money every day..

Guaranteed Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program in West Chester, Pennsylvania

With our program over 60% of your employees that want to quit smoking quit smoking for good. Most non-hypnosis methods can only boast a success rate of 4% or less. If you have employees who smoke and want to quit, this program will easily pay for itself in the first year and keep on paying year after year. Our method is a proven method with long-proven results for Stop Smoking and we have helped many people from all over the Philadelphia area to be free from smoking for good.

You'll notice we always say "they can make the changes" and that is what hypnosis is all about, your employees finally being able to make the changes, your employees finally doing what you and they want and your employees finally taking control of their life back. And just imagine how good that will feel for them and you to finally accomplish all of your your goals and to succeed where you just couldn't before. It's about time that you and your employees really start feeling good about yourself.

Today there are countless reasons for people to Quit Smoking and, as an employer, I'm sure you can name almost every one. When your employees get rid of the smoking habit, for good, you can start feeling good about all the benefits that not only they, but you are now enjoying. No longer will cigarettes control your employees, your health care costs, your productivity, with hypnosis you will control what your business does, all day, every day.

Call US Right Now and Discover the Benefits you can have

Pick up the phone and call us and we can explain the program to you. We can do it in a few moments of your time. Our biggest obstacle is always getting out the real information to our clients. We find that once they become aware and then they realize how this program can help both employers and employees, they learn that they have new choices and options. Everyday someone smokes makes it worse for them and all those around them. Smoking has been linked to forgetfulness, irritability, susceptibility to accidents and mishaps, resentments and anger. These are side effects that you and your employees don't want or need. Give yourself, your employees and all the families and children who depend on all of you every day a break, life is hard enough without all the problems that tobacco can and does cause. Make a quick call to us at 610-296-4929 so it never has to bother you again.

NBC's Dateline has identified Hypnosis as the best way to stop smoking

Don't feel bad if you've tried to quit before and failed. It's not about your Will Power or Determination. Smoking is a Habit and habits can rarely be broken by conscious effort. Programs that try to build your conscious effort are a waste of your time and money. It takes only subconscious effort, like you have in hypnosis, to change a subconscious habit. Don't delay, make those changes today. Those benefits, that are now just acting as a reminder of what you should be doing, are all right around the next corner for you.

Today you can make a big positive step in determining you future. Take control of your life and what you do. We guarantee* our proven 3 session plan that you will stop smoking, stay stopped and enjoy it. We can answer any questions you have and make a convenient appointment for you.

Why Hypnosis Will work for your organization

Most people know the power of hypnosis, but few understand it. Some of our clients even have an initial apprehension or fear due to the way Hypnosis has been portrayed by Hollywood and the like. The True Facts of Hypnosis are that you can't be hypnotized against your will, you certainly can't be made to do anything you don't want to and you are never either unconscious nor able to remember everything that is said or happens in hypnosis. You won't divulge any secrets or do anything you wouldn't normally do and you can never become "stuck" in the hypnotic state of mind, it just can't happen. You are always completely safe, in control and aware of everything around you and able to accept or reject any suggestions you receive in hypnosis.

We've compiled an extensive Frequently asked Questions about Hypnosis Page to answer some of the most common questions that our clients ask.

Hypnotism is Quick and Easy with Great Results

All Hypnosis is really Self Hypnosis, being by your choice and with your permission. We are really just your guides and teachers, to help you access all of the abilities and capabilities that are inherent in you. This is what we do, we are good at it.

Chester County Hypnosis could be helping your company now, so check our Contact Us page or call 610-296-4929 today for a free phone consultation.

Hypnotism has proven to have the quickest, easiest and most long lasting results for personal change. We also offer programs for quick and permanent weight loss, to improve sports performance, relieve stress and tension, improving focus, concentration, memory and recall and concentration or control pain without prescription drugs. With Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis, your employees can have increased motivation, less procrastination or laziness, a positive, optimistic outlook and enjoy their lives, at work and at home, much more. Call 610-296-4929 today for a free, no obligation consultation. We'd be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Joseph Nunan CH is an internationally known, fully Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and member of the Teaching Faculty of The National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest, largest and most respected hypnosis accrediting organization in the world. He is President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NGH and hosts the weekly radio show, Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your soul. Chester County Hypnosis operates according to the National Guild of Hypnotists' Code of Ethics and Professionalism, and we consistently provide our clients the very best services, to help them accomplish and surpass all of their desired goals. Our primary purpose is to enable our clients to quickly and easily achieve positive personal change.