New Internet Radio Show Empowers Listeners

(Seattle, WA) Joe Nunan’s new weekly Internet Radio Show, Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul on Contact Talk Radio challenges listeners, both live and via podcast, to use his proven methods to make fundamental changes to themselves which they want and need. Reminding the audience that they needn’t learn to accept undesirable outlooks, attitudes and behaviors within themselves and can take control of their existence and become The Master of Their Fate and The Captain of Their Soul. Explaining in the most basic terms how our minds really work, Joe Nunan began the series by explaining a technique he developed at his Chester County Hypnosis in West Chester, PA and has used with virtually 100% success with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years.

Joseph Nunan CH,CI“My biggest obstacle has been to overcome a client’s existing beliefs that something so simple could not achieve the results that it does. Once I get them to do it, I find that the results are virtually certain.”, said Nunan. He invites everyone to join him in using his principles and methods, which are outlined weekly on the show, and begin making changes that they want or need in their own life.

The Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul show with Joe Nunan airs every Wednesday at 11AM Eastern and 8AM Pacific on Contact Talk Radio via live streaming on the internet and on HD Radio in Seattle 106.9 HD Channel 3.

Joseph Nunan CH,CI is an internationally known, fully Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor. He sees client’s from many walks of life and is known for the quality of his results and success with clients and students alike. Chester County Hypnosis , located in West Chester, PA offers services for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Personal Change and Medical Adjunct purposes. The Hypnosis Academy provides training in hypnosis twice yearly for amateurs and professionals alike. We consistently provide our clients the very best services, to help them easily accomplish and even surpass all of their desired goals. Our primary purpose is to enable our clients to quickly and easily make all the changes they want and need.

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