Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul Getting Results !

The feedback I’ve been getting from my radio show, Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul has been nothing short of amazing. In a short 6 weeks I now have over 6000 people subscribed to my podcasts and the live listeners has gone up and up. The emails I have been receiving are wonderful, to say the least, and reflect the principles I teach on the show, which is our own ability to change.

No two emails are alike, however, each convey the same message, “What you say works, Joe”. The changes people are making are all very different. It’s Weight Loss, Habit Change, Attitude Change, Motivation Change, you can name, but it all is working for them.

Every week on the show I remind people to “Fill in the Blanks” of their own changes that they want and need. I’m just teaching them the way. Nonetheless, it is greatly gratifying when people relate the changes, the positive changes, in their lives they have made to me.

What we do every week is highlight the techniques needed for personal change. These are simple, direct and take only a few minutes a day to be effective. I cut through the clutter and give my listeners exactly what they need to become the people they want to become. They can become The Master of Their Fate, The Captain of Their Soul.

Every week it just gets better as I expand on our methods and give listeners exactly what they need to become successful. It is truly a life changing experience, as my feedback emails have shown.

So please join me on Contact Talk Radio every Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern and 8 AM Pacific for Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul and begin making the changes you want and need in your life.

You can also get more information by visiting my Master of Your Fate, Captain of Your Soul web page at Chester County Hypnosis or visit me on Facebook.

Joseph Nunan CH,CI is an internationally known, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor who works with corporate, group and individual clients across the country. He is known for the quality of his results and the success he achieves. Chester County Hypnosis , located in West Chester, PA offers services for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Personal Change and Medical Adjunct purposes. The Hypnosis Academy provides training in hypnosis for the general public and professionals alike. Joe consistently provides his clients with the very best services, to help them easily accomplish and even surpass all of their desired goals. The primary purpose is always to enable the client to quickly and easily make all the changes they want and need.

Joe Nunan’s downloads, especially his fantastic Sleep Improvement System, are available at MP3 Hypnosis Downloads and iTunes.

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